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Cultivating the Aegir Community at DrupalGovCon17

UPDATE: Slides and Video of the session are now available.

Every time there is a big DrupalCamp or Con we submit sessions thinking we will talk about our open source hosting and testing platform, DevShop. The specific theme for each talk usually aligns with whatever the latest features are, or is just a general (boring) overview of the features.

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Onward with OpenDevShop Inc

Today I am awaking to the last "official" day of DrupalCon New Orleans with a huge new wind at my back.

It felt like an appropriate time to post what is likely my last blog post as ThinkDrop Consulting LLC.

My partners and I have been in a whirlwind tour of the convention, spreading the news of our product, and our new company: OpenDevShop Inc. In order to focus entirely on development and hosting tools, I am closing up ThinkDrop Consulting.

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OpenDevShop at DrupalCamp NJ 2016 and the Global Sprint Weekend!

In a few hours, I'll be heading to Princeton University for my fourth DrupalCamp New Jersey.

This camp holds a special place in my heart because it was the first place that I spoke about OpenDevShop in public.

DrupalCamp NJ brought me out of my lonely freelancer shell and into the larger Drupal community. 

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A Call to Action: Aegir, The Next Generation at NYCCamp 2015

Aegir Summit & DevOps Camp at NYCcamp 2015

This Thursday starts NYCcamp, which is gearing up to be a huge event.

This year they've expanded even more beyond Drupal to all free & open source technologies.

Most important to us at ThinkDrop is the first ever Aegir Summit. Most of the Aegir maintainers will be there discussing all of the cool things we are doing with it, and where to go from here. For the full schedule and to register, see

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Continuous Deployment, Integration, Testing & Delivery with Open DevShop

Well before "DevOps" was a thing, and long before DevShop existed, was "CI". Continuous Integration is a critical part of successful software development.  As a web CMS, Drupal has lagged a bit behind in joining up with this world of CI.

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DevShop Workshop & Sprints at DrupalCon Los Angeles

I'm headed to DrupalCon on Monday morning, and hope to spend most of my time recruiting users and sprinters to DevShop development.

The DrupalCon sprints are an amazing opportunity to work together with people in person. Despite being very remote-oriented, there really is no replacement for face to face work, especially when it comes to complex projects like DevShop.

There are a number of opportunities this week to come learn about devshop.



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Bats of a Feather: HubDrop, DevShop, & Aegir at DrupalCon Austin

I'm on the plane headed to my 4th DrupalCon, and this one is looking like a good time.  

So much is happening this year. Drupal 8 is getting closer and closer to release, more and more Drupal businesses and services are being launched, and we continue to develop our Drupal products.

While my session on DevShop wasn't accepted, I am personally involved in a lot of BoF sessions this year.

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Introducing bridging the gap between and GitHub

NOTE: This blog post cross posted from

This project is simply something I wanted to do. No one paid for it. I built it in my spare time as a way to refine the knowledge I learned over the last few years about Symfony, Vagrant, and Chef. I want to grow this tool, but it takes time and a server, which both == money.

So I'm opening up a GitTip account to raise funding for development of

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Why we keep coming back to DrupalCon

Just going to DrupalCon to watch is awe inspiring.  The amount of people there, all sharing one common goal: to learn more and grow the power of Drupal, thereby empowering themselves... it's all really inspiring stuff.  There's more than a few reasons I keep coming back.

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What's Missing at DrupalCon Portland?

We are as excited as everyone about heading to Portland in a few short weeks.  I'm convinced it is going to be one of the most significant DrupalCons yet.

However, I was a bit disappointed when I learned that so many of our favorite tools have no session coverage at all.  These aren't some niche modules, either.  These modules have been used in almost all of our projects in the last few years.