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Bats of a Feather: HubDrop, DevShop, & Aegir at DrupalCon Austin

I'm on the plane headed to my 4th DrupalCon, and this one is looking like a good time.  

So much is happening this year. Drupal 8 is getting closer and closer to release, more and more Drupal businesses and services are being launched, and we continue to develop our Drupal products.

While my session on DevShop wasn't accepted, I am personally involved in a lot of BoF sessions this year.

Introducing bridging the gap between and GitHub

NOTE: This blog post cross posted from

This project is simply something I wanted to do. No one paid for it. I built it in my spare time as a way to refine the knowledge I learned over the last few years about Symfony, Vagrant, and Chef. I want to grow this tool, but it takes time and a server, which both == money.

So I'm opening up a GitTip account to raise funding for development of

What's Missing at DrupalCon Portland?

We are as excited as everyone about heading to Portland in a few short weeks.  I'm convinced it is going to be one of the most significant DrupalCons yet.

However, I was a bit disappointed when I learned that so many of our favorite tools have no session coverage at all.  These aren't some niche modules, either.  These modules have been used in almost all of our projects in the last few years.

Defining "Content": Treating Drupal as a CMF

Time and time again the debate about "what is content" and "what is configuration" comes up. I think not often enough we talk about it in words but not in the intentions of what you are building. This article is just about content, because everything else is just code.

First of all, what is "Content", really? It recently has become crystal clear to me:

Content is something that can (and should) be safely edited in real-time on your live website or application.

Adopting the Drupal Culture

We are Drupal architects and engineers that help organizations that are adopting Drupal. We believe that a dev shop transitioning to Drupal needs more than technical training, but also help with development and management strategy, site and data architecture, and server infrastructure.

As Drupal's popularity grows by leaps and bounds, web companies of all kinds are forced to adopt it. Sales teams find it incredibly easy to sell Drupal, because of all the things it offers, and all "for free". The problem is, Drupal is more than a piece of software. It is also more than the community. It is an entire culture

New Year, New Blog, New Mission: DevShop

With 2012 over, were now approaching a full year of development of what started out as a pet project of mine: DevShop.

Development environments are complicated. There are a lot of moving parts. This is why services such as Pantheon and Acquia Hosting are so popular.

I've always used Aegir, since about version 0.3, because I loved that it removed the complexity of creating databases and users, secure passwords, settings.php files, apache vhosts, and file permissions. This frees you up to focus on the site at hand. However I noticed over the years, that despite the things aegir takes off your plate, maintaining all of the sites, files, and users that a even a small development team requires is a lot of work!

Automate or Die Trying: DevShop for Life

I will never manually create a database again. As long as I work in Drupal, every database I create or user I grant permissions to is managed by the Aegir hosting system.

I will never manually set up the code on my server. As long as I work in Drupal, every new site will come from a Git repository, and will be installed onto my server via DevShop and Aegir, through the web browser.

Our Top 5 Enhancements for OpenAtrium

Today I went through setting up another Atrium for another client. As I start going through and turning on the same things I always turn on for any, I think about how we might create our own enhanced atrium profile... Then I step back and realize, first I should at least document what changes I always make!

So here it is!

Our Top 5 Enhancements for OpenAtrium

Introducing a very helpful module, Helpful.module!

Time and time again, we have been asked to provide helpful messaging to the users of a website we've built. Since there has been no obvious choice of contrib modules that provide this, we usually (along with most of you, we assume) just add some custom code on our site somewhere that displays a message, or perhaps generate a custom block that contains the text we want our users to see.

Well, we finally had enough of continually building custom solutions to a perennial problem, so we built a module for that!


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