DDEV Start running on a private server in GitHub Actions.

I've been building and designing automation systems for almost 20 years. I built DevShop on top of Aegir to implement continuous integration and quality control over 10 years ago.

Running CI systems is hard. Really hard. There needs to be an active task runner. A dashboard. API integrations. Tooling. Network Access. It can be incredibly complicated. In the Enterprise? Forget it.

I've been imagining a new system for many years, and here it is.

It's called Operations Site Runner. It uses a private GitHub runner to provide persistent environments on your own servers using GitHub's web interface and APIs. Host sites anywhere. Listen from behind a firewall. Run GitHub actions from your local system.

I won't bore you with details in this post. I created a book that outlines how everything works in detail.

It's very powerful, because it uses DDEV. You can configure your server via code, change PHP version in a yaml file. Add more docker containers. All the Site Runner does is call ddev start.

The rest is up to you.

Check out the new documentation page about Operations Site Runner at https://operations-project.gitbook.io/operations-experience-project/operations-site-server

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