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In just a few hours, the first serious critical security update for Drupal since "Drupalgeddon" will be released.

To make this update easier for DevShop users, we've pushed out a new release with 2 features that allow you to update your sites without ever leaving your web browser: "Update, Commit & Push" and "Tag a Release".

"Commit & Push"

The "Update Drupal" button has been available in DevShop for some time, but now you can automatically commit the results by checking a box.

Screenshot of Update Drupal confirmation form, with "Commit & Push" checkbox.

Once you push that big blue button, Drush will run the drush pm-update command if you are running Drupal 7 or earlier, and it will run the command composer update drupal/core if you are running Drupal 8 or earlier. Then, it will commit and push all changes to your git repository.

The same task is available in the command line:

drush @hostmaster hosting-task update_drupal commit=1

The "commit=1" is the same as checking the box! The "hosting-task" command is always the best way to run a task from the command line, because a task node is created and run in the front-end. That way the history is maintained in the task logs!

"Tag a Release"

Thanks to a new module in the Hosting Git project, you can now use the web UI to create new git tags.

Just click the "Environment Menu" hamburger icon and click Tag a Release.

Tag a Release link on Environment.

On the next page, you simple enter your desired tag name, click another button, and DevShop will create and push the tag!

This is one more step in the long journey to automated updates.

Be Prepared: Update your DevShop Now.

With SA-2018-001 on it's way, you should upgrade your devshop server now. That way these two new features are ready, and upgrading your sites will only take a few moments.

To upgrade your devshop server, use the command: "sudo devshop upgrade". It will automatically pull the latest release from GitHub.

To setup a new DevShop server, visit to view the install instructions, with a link to the script:


DevShop is Drupal: Don't forget to update it!

Since DevShop is itself a Drupal distribution, we will be pushing out a new release immediately after the security release. You should definitely run this update as soon as your sites are updated!



Jason (not verified)

Noticed your linking to 1.0.3-rc6 but have a 1.1.0 release with the major security release. Might want to make note of the version users are installing above is insecure (unless its patched).

Jon Pugh

Yes, thank you! I've updated.

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