Recoupled Drupal for

22 Jul 20

The Department of Veterans Affairs serves 18.2 million veterans with benefits and healthcare. The website is a mission-critical tool in getting veterans access to healthcare. 

In 2015, was redesigned into a mobile-friendly, statically generated website, powered by Metalsmith. 3 years later, Drupal 8 was introduced as "Content API" for the front-end site, utilizing GraphQL.

This session will be a panel of select members from the team who built this site and the infrastructure it runs on. We will tell the story of the project, and touch on as many of these topics as possible in the time allotted.

  1. Content, Design, and CMS UX Initiative.
  2. Decoupled Drupal DevOps
  3. Running Drupal in the VA Enterprise Cloud
  4. VA’s commitment to Open Source