Hassle-free Hosting and Testing with DevShop & Behat - DrupalCon Barcelona 2015

Devshop is a fully open source product for hosting and testing Drupal sites.

It can be used on its own or as a multi environment add on to Acquia Cloud or Pantheon.

In this session we'll show you how to get your Drupal sites up and running quickly and easily, and how to start testing your work with Behat in minutes.

It integrates directly with GitHub pull requests, giving you a fresh environment for each one. Get instant feedback on your deployments and test results right in the GitHub interface.

DevShop makes web development easier for everyone, removing the need for complex setup or maintenance.

See http://getdevshop.com and http://github.com/opendevshop/devshop for more information. 


Slides: https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/19_ZBKwJ9TM30JCkw3sALjttthzD4wG9vZREllFP71iE/edit?usp=sharing

Host Your Own Pull Request Environments with Automated Behat Testing - New England Drupal Camp

Host Your Own Pull Request Environments with Automated Behat Testing

Do you host your own Drupal?

Do you wish you could have that great git-push-deploy workflow provided by so many hosted solutions, but on your own servers?

Wish no more! 

With Open Source DevShop, you can use any linux server to host, test, and develop your Drupal sites.

DevShop installs in minutes, with no special script writing or configuration required. 

In this session, we will demonstrate Automated Pull-Request-Environments with Behat testing, completing and deploying a new feature of our website LIVE in session!

See https://devshop.support for more information.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How does it work?

DevShop is just a Drupal site that manages a basic LAMP stack. All of the logic and all of the service to make it work are self-contained in the Drupal code. This makes it quite easy to understand. If you know PHP and Drupal, you can learn DevShop. There are optional modules for Docker, but it's not necessary. DevShop runs on a single server. 

Is this a hosted service?

No. DevShop is 100% open source. We do not provide hosting services directly. However, if you run your own server, you can sign up for DevShop.Support if you ever need help or SLA-level hosting service.

Is this used in production?

Yes. DevShop was originally created as an extension of Aegir in February of 2012. It was used in production as soon as it was created.

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