Process & Practices

Jon was able to make a massive impact, helping establish the right Drupal development and deployment practices, and solving some incredibly tricky challenges we faced with asking Drupal to do things that were far outside of the box.
Chas Mastin

Platform Design

Jon is a fantastic architect, capable of integrating existing tech stacks with some home-grown magic, and making the final product easy to use and stable. 
Ryan Price

Customer Success

I've personally seen Jon's commitment to his customers - he truly wants the best for them and will go above and beyond to make sure they're satisfied. 
Andy Laken


Site Module & Site Manager

Track all of your site's statuses in one place. Get detailed information on any facet of your site's operation.

Operations Site Runner: a self-hosted CI/CD platform using GitHub Actions and DDEV.

Persistant preview environments for running tests and manual testing.


Recoupled Drupal for

The project was a massive decoupled Drupal site with serious issues with build speed and consistency.

Working with two independent teams, we incorporated the front-end build into the Drupal development stack with Composer, allowing us to pin the versions together.

We stabilized the build process and implemented tests to confirm the entire Edit-Build cycle worked properly.

The new Site Audit module

I updated the old Site Audit module to save reports over time.

With Site Audit Send, you can send those reports to a central server.

Check out this video to learn about this tool.

Easy Automated Testing with Pull Request Environments on your own servers with DevShop

Hands on session demonstrating using Open DevShop for running your own Pull Request environments for automated and manual testing.

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