Richard Stallman speaking at the Aegir Summit.

Aegir Summit & DevOps Camp at NYCcamp 2015

This Thursday starts NYCcamp, which is gearing up to be a huge event.

This year they've expanded even more beyond Drupal to all free & open source technologies.

Most important to us at ThinkDrop is the first ever Aegir Summit. Most of the Aegir maintainers will be there discussing all of the cool things we are doing with it, and where to go from here. For the full schedule and to register, see

On Thursday is an Aegir Site Factory training session.  The main Aegir Summit takes place on Friday

Aegir: The Next Generation

This event is going to be a turning point for the Aegir project.  Three of the maintainers, Christopher Gervais, Cameron Eagans, and myself met at DrupalCon Los Angeles over lunch to discuss what to do next with the project.

We all agreed that there are many issues with Aegir as it stands. We saw that containerization was going to be the way to go in the future.  We all agree that Aegir is so monolithic, so complex, and so full of legacy code that it might be easier to just start over using modern tools like symfonyansible, and docker.

We even agreed that we (might) need a new name.

From this, Cameron wrote up the Aegir NG proposal on hackpad so we could all contribute our ideas.

At the Aegir Summit, we will be having a panel discussion to present these ideas to the community and get feedback on where to go from here.

I urge all of you to attend, or keep tabs from afar.

The Future of Open Source Hosting

We know that many, many people need the promise of Aegir: easily deploy and update sites at scale. We all know that Aegir has many problems with delivering this promise

We know that outside of it's rather die hard fanbase, Aegir is not really well liked because of these problems.

If you are one of those people, I urge you to join the Aegir Next Generation cause.  We are going to fix Aegir for good, and we need your help.

Registration Ends Tomorrow!

Registration for Aegir training ends today, Monday July 13 at midnight ET. Registration for the Aegir Summit ends Tuesday, July 14 at midnight ET.

If you are attending NYCcamp, please register for the Aegir Summit. Even if you can only attend the panel, I promise you, it will be worth it!

Register for Aegir Summit at  Register to attend the "Open Agency Site Factory" training at

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