Jon at the DrupalCon Contrib room Site Audit Table.

After my presentation on Site Audit 4, I was approached by an audience member, Irina Zaks of Fibonacci Web Studio.

It turns out, the Site Audit module never had a web interface in Drupal 7. It was a drush-only tool that could output HTML, but there was no code ever written to display the audit in the site.

Irina is the founder of the Drupal 7 Soft Landing initiative to help Drupal 7 site owners get upgraded with as little cost as a possible.

As a fan of Site Audit in Drupal 8+, she knew that this tool would be very helpful for Drupal 7 site owners as they upgrade to Drupal 10 and beyond.

Irina quickly organized a sprint at the DrupalCon Pittsburg 2023 Contribution day to create a new release of Site Audit for Drupal 7 that included a web interface!

Drupal 7 Module Sprint

I'm not going to lie. It was pretty strange working on new code for Drupal 7!

Thankfully, most of the renderable array code is the same, so we were able to copy and paste most of the code from the Drupal 8 version.

However, it quickly became clear that we had more work to do. So much of the original code was developed for Drush, that we had to carefully extricate a lot of calls to the Drush API to take advantage of the code that displayed the information.

From left to right, Christopher Yu, Jon Pugh, Irina Zaks, devkinetic, Justin Keiser, and Cristian Torres

Thankfully, we had a team of 5 to put our heads together to get it done.

Contribution Recognition

I'd like to thank our contrib team for helping get this work done. It would not have happened if not for their volunteering.

  • Justin Keiser / @keiserjb
  • devkinetic
  • cYu 

Irina is now one of my best Drupal friends. Her passion for helping Drupal 7 site owners is unmatched. If you have questions about upgrading your Drupal 7 site, she can be reached at


Need Help?

Do you have a complex Drupal 7 site that you need to upgrade? Would you like help using Site Audit to identify problems with your Drupal 7 site?

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