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I presented at the first Drupal NYC Meetup of the year!

I've been hard at work building a new Provision: the command-line interface for Aegir. We are moving off Drush commands into our own CLI built in Symfony. The tool is finally a working MVP, so I figured it's time to spread the word! 

First I give a bit of background on the Aegir project and my goals for the project which can be summed up in one word: easy.

Then, I dive into the code that makes this system possible. If this project has any chance of surviving, I must win over developers to help grow and maintain it! Developer Experience is a high priority.

In the next few weeks, I'll be posting a series of blog posts about the new Provision 4.x, both for end users and developers.

Provision 4.x: Developer Sneak Peak

Aegir's back-end is getting an overhaul after 10 years of service. We're developing a brand new Symfony console based CLI for all of your website management needs: Provision 4.x.

With the power of Symfony console we've completely re-written Provision to be as easy and clear as possible, and flexible enough to work anywhere: cloud or workstation.

Can this new CLI become the defacto dev-test-production website management tool? Is it wrong to write DevOps tools in PHP? Can we keep Aegir going for another 10 years? 

Slides and Video are available.

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