Hi, all. Been a while. Five years since I posted a blog. I can't lie. It's been rough.

I have much to discuss, from my mental health condition to my open source projects. It's really hard for me to publish things when my life is in disarray, but now is the time to rebuild.

Over the next few weeks I am going to start writing regularly, both on technical and personal subjects. I've got some exciting new modules, new services like training, and tons of helpful Drupal information that I'd like to share.

I've also got a ton of mistakes to reflect on and learn from. I'm going to be writing about those as well. One of the biggest mistakes I've made is working on free software without pay.

This time, I am looking for funding to continue these projects. I can no longer afford to work for free.

If you or anyone you know needs a specialist like me to assist on any of these topics, please get in touch via the Contact link above.

Some upcoming topics:

  • My Health & Open Source.The challenges and pitfalls of providing free labor, and it's impact on wellbeing & mental health. Last year I was diagnosed with Bipolar type 2, manic depression, which really helped explain why it's been so hard for me to complete my projects or run a business successfully.
  • The rise & fall of OpenDevShop: how I built a million things at once and was left with nothing.
  • Site Audit 4: how I gave an old tool new powers, and created a way to monitor the quality of all your sites in one place.
  • What to do with Aegir. A difficult question of when to let go.
  • Drupal 7 with Composer: Update your drupal 7 site to Composer to make upgrading much smoother.
  • Recoupled Drupal DevOps: Techniques for building and testing decoupled drupal sites.
  • Site Module: The new building block of Drupal Operations management, the Site module tracks changes and properties of your Drupal site in an extensible way
  • Drupal Operations Experience Platform. A Site Manager for Drupal, hosted anywhere.
  • The DevShop.Platform Ansible Collection.

I really appreciate the support, everyone. 

Stay in touch,


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