Aegir: 10 Years

UPDATESlides and Video of the session are now available.

Every time there is a big DrupalCamp or Con we submit sessions thinking we will talk about our open source hosting and testing platform, DevShop. The specific theme for each talk usually aligns with whatever the latest features are, or is just a general (boring) overview of the features.

This year, for DrupalGovCon 2017, I wanted to simplify things, and I didn't want to rattle on about what DevShop does and how. I submitted a short and simple session submission: Host your Own with Open Source.

I also came to DrupalGovCon this year with a different goal in mind. Usually I'm just out there proselytizing DevShop. This year, I'm committed to cultivating our community around Aegir & DevShop.

As software developers and systems admins, we don't necessarily enjoy the marketing side of things. As a free software community, all of us contributors are volunteers, so any time spent (we feel) is usually best used on developing the platform. As a free software community, we spend almost zero time and probably exactly zero dollars on marketing.

So if you are at DrupalGovCon, I'd love to talk about what it would take to get you involved in our niche community of Open Source Hosting & Testing. We know Aegir has it's pain points, but we aren't going anywhere, and the next generation is just around the corner.

My session is on Wednesday at 10AM, I'd love to see you there.

Get in touch here or hit me up on twitter!

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