Screenshot of the "provision verify" command

As we head into DrupalCon week I've got something big to announce. With the blessing of the Aegir core maintainers, I am taking the 4.x branch of Provision I have been working on and I am separating it from the Aegir Project.

Provision 4 will still power Aegir. We are working on a patch to Hostmaster that will allow us to run a different command other than Drush, allowing Provision4 to become the primary back-end to Aegir 4. This means it will also be able to power the current generation DevShop.

I've created a new GitHub organization at and a new twitter account at  

I am still working on documentation, but will have completed the Getting Started guide by the time I land in Nashville Tuesday morning: 

A few months ago I gave a sneak peek at the project at the DrupalNYC meetup. You can read about it and watch the presentation at

This new adventure is certainly intimidating. I hope to create a welcoming and helpful community for this project, but it takes a lot of work. Thank you for your patience as we work to bring this project to the masses!

I am scheduling a BoF for Provision4, so keep a lookout for time and day once it is secured. Please get in touch if you'd like to talk more!



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