Founding members Mathieu Lutfy, Jon Pugh, Christopher Gervais, and Cameron Eagans.  Credit: Chris Doten, NDI.

PHOTO: Founding members Mathieu Lutfy, Jon Pugh, Christopher Gervais, and Cameron Eagans.  Credit: Chris Doten, NDI.

Last week, thousands of open source developers and enthusiasts converged on the United Nations Headquarters for the first annual OpenCamps conference.

The Drupal-centric camp, NYCCamp was gracious enough to host two important Aegir events: The Aegir Summit and the Ægir Cooperative General Organization Assembly & Board of Director's Meeting.

Aegir Summit

Presenting at the summit were three representatives from Mobomo, a great web agency based in Washington DC. They came to tell the story of the Drupal-as-a-Service cloud they built for NASA using Aegir.



Next up was Cooperative member Mathieu Lutfy from Coop Symbiotic, presenting on the work he's done to get Wordpress support in Aegir.

This work is very exciting, as it demonstrates that it is possible to support more than just Drupal. We plan on taking all of the lessons learned from Mathieu's project an incorporating them into Aegir core.

You can see this work at

Aegir Cooperative Formation

Our first General Assembly and Board of Director's Meeting for the Aegir Cooperative was legally required to be in person, so the members decided to make NYCCamp the venue.

In attendance in person were Cooperative members Cameron Eagans, Mathieu Lutfy, Christopher Gervais, and Jon Pugh.  Remotely attending was Herman Van Rink, Colan Schwartz, and Christine Schoellhorn, the Cooperative's external board member.

This humble gathering of developers that share a passion for free open source hosting was a sign of great things to come.

The Cooperative offers standardized SLA level support for the Aegir Hosting System, allowing each member to focus on their own businesses.

For more information, visit

A Clear Roadmap

At the Aegir Summit, maintainers and users collaborated on a new list of tasks that we must undertake to get Aegir up to speed of the modern hosting world.

This roadmap is not about "Next Generation" but things we can address immediately to improve the Aegir experience.

You can see the full roadmap in this Google Doc.

Technical Debt

  • Code Cleanup.

  • Drupal 7 modernization: hook_property_info(), better theming, hook_extra_fields(), etc.

  • Code Comments.

  • Dependency decoupling: separating hosting_server, hosting_site, etc.

  • Decoupling services modules: Separate db & web server from apache & mysql.

  • Modernize OOP: Setting visibility of methods.

PHP Modernization

  • Namespaces.

  • Interfaces.

  • Autoloading in Provision.

  • Modernizing of all classes.

  • Further unification of Provision and Hosting Services.

  • Improvement of ProvisionService and HostingService classes.

  • Creation of Symfony Packages:
    If we can separate some logic into some separate packages and it still works, I suggest we explore that now. These items might have to wait for Aegir4.

    • aegir/core

    • aegir/server

    • aegir/service

    • aegir/environment

    • aegir/codebase

    • aegir/task

Design Modernization

  • Improved templates.

  • Responsive Designs.

  • Dynamic front-end: Ember, React, etc.

  • Organizing data for better user experience.


  • Allow filtering of logs on insert: debug logs to not need to appear.

  • Allow filtering of logs on output.

  • Define what log types are useful for the user.

  • Reduce or rewrite “success” logs to be more clear to users.

  • Add a simple hook system to reroute saving to hosting_task_logs to files or other systems.

Testing Modernization & Developer Experience

  • Implement simpler automated testing with Travis.

  • Add Behat tests to test the hostmaster interface.

  • Integration with Pull Requests.

More details are discussed in the Aegir 4 roadmap and the meta issue about the next 3.x release

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