THINKDROP is passionate about open-source. From this passion has come a number of great open source projects. Here are our greatest contributions.

Open DevShop

Open DevShop is the Drupal Cloud Hosting & Testing platform, powered by Aegir Project.

DevShop makes Drupal project development more efficient, and Drupal deployments stress free.

Aegir Drush Aliases

This module provides automatically generated drush alias files for use on local workstations to connect and control Aegir remotely.

Aegir Logs

The Aegir Logs tool makes server error messages more accessible both to site developers and to Aegir frontend managers.

This module greatly enhances a developers productivity, because when things go wrong and you get a fatal error, constantly going to SSH into the server can be a great waste of time.

Aegir Solr

Aegir Solr is just short of a miracle. Hosting multiple solr databases on one machine is a huge pain to manage.

With Hosting Solr & Provision Solr, we now simply have to check a box to give a Drupal site its very own Apache Solr database!

Atrium Web Features

This module allows you to create new "Atrium Features" from other web apps.

Now, any other site (that doesn't break itself out of iframes) can become an Atrium Feature. This is helpful if you have to work on multiple other project management tools, like Jira or Basecamp.

Features Orphans

This simple module simply lists all Features-Exportable components that have not been exported to a feature. The output can be copied into any of your Feature modules .info files for quick and easy re-creation.

For developers, it will help you to see what pieces of your Drupal site are not yet exported to code via the Features module.


The Helpful.module is a tool that lets you create and maintain helpful information and tips to your users exactly where you want it.